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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Chitralu store passwords ?

When logged in using Facebook:

If you are logging in via facebook, we do not store any password. All your data goes through Facebook.

When logged in using Email:

If you are logging in using an email and password combination, we use industry standard cipher BCrypt to store the ciphered password.
We can neither see your password nor retrieve it. We can only reset it when you need it.

Uploading Posters

If you have a poster of a movie which we do not have.
Kindly upload it on for free and send us the link via a Contact request or Feedback form.

Bypassing Country Restrictions on Youtube

One of the way to bypass Country-Level restrictions that Youtube places is to use a VPS service to route traffic. It costs around $0.007 per hour of use. That is less than 50 paisa (INR) per hour. Refer to DigitalOcean for T&C. We are not responsible for any issues you might have when using a VPS service. Please contact us if you need help with setup.