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Bava Maradallu / బావ మరదళ్ళు

» 1984 » 1983 » 1961

Year: 1983 | CBFC Rating: u
Original Language: telugu
This movie was watched over more than 29772 times

Title: Bava Maradallu
Name: Bava Maradallu
Slug: bava-maradallu
Year: 1983
Category: watch

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    Bava Maradallu Full Length Movie Description : Ram(Sobhan Babu) is a farmer who loves his sister-in-law Janaki(Radhika). Janaki love to marry a rich guy and want to lead a luxurious life. she had younger sister Jyothi(Suhasini). But janaki fate turns to marry his brother-in-law. she married him and had a daughter. she leads a life which she doesn't want to be. Then she came to know that Murali who is rich and good looking guy loved her in past. Janaki elopes with him to somewhere to lead a happy life. Ram felt sad about her and marry Janaki's younger sister Jyothi(Suhasini). Later some days Janaki realizes her mistake and returns to her hometown to see her daughter, from then what a bad and insulting experiences she faced and how she asked Ram to forgive her? you can see in the movie.