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Constable Koothuru / కాంస్తాబ్లె కూతురు

» 1963 » 1962

Year: 1963 | CBFC Rating: u
Original Language: telugu
This movie was watched over more than 581 times

Title: Constable Koothuru Telugu Full Movie
Name: Constable Koothuru
Slug: constable-koothuru
Year: 1963
Category: watch

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    Dharmayya (Gummadi) is a sincere police constable who has two children, Gopi (Jaggayya) and Janaki (Krishna Kumari). Gopi's friend Raghu (Kantha Rao) is the son of a wealthy man called, Venkatramayya. Raghu is a spoil brat who leads a life of luxury. One day, Dharmayya raids a bar and catches Raghu gambling and arrests him, this leaves a bad opinion of Raghu on Dharmayya. In order to change the life style of Raghu, Venkatramayya decides to marry off his niece Mallika with Raghu. But before the wedding, Raghu meets Gopi's sister, Janaki and they fall in love with each other. When Dharmayya comes to know about Janaki's love, he reluctantly agrees to it. When all seems fine, Raghu gets framed for a murder by his old pals Jackie and Joker. Will Raghu marry Janaki? How will Raghu prove his innocence? Watch to find out.

  • Title: Constable Kuthuru
    Name: Constable Koothuru
    Slug: constable-koothuru
    Year: 1963
    Category: misc

  • Constable Koothuru(wiki) from year 1963 named Constable Kuthuru
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