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Gaali Brothers / గాలి బ్రదర్స్

Year: 2013 | CBFC Rating: u
Original Language: telugu
This movie was watched over more than 17813 times

Title: Gaali Brothers
Name: Gaali Brothers
Slug: gaali-brothers
Year: 2013
Category: watch

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    The saga of the Gaali Brothers continues. The action has been passed on to the next generation in the sequel, and Seema has a son, Bobby (Srikanth) to carry on the legacy. There is also her daughter Jhansi Rani (Vani Viswanath) who has the fiery spirit of the Gaali family alight in her. On the other end of the story, we have Ettuveettil Ganeshan (Richard), craving for vengeance on the Gali clan, with an able ally that he has found in Srambikkal Sathyaneshan (Rajmohan Unnithan)