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Goodachari No1 / గూడచారి ణొ1

Year: 1983 | CBFC Rating: u
Original Language: telugu
This movie was watched over more than 59881 times

Title: Goodachari No1 Full Movie
Name: Goodachari No1
Slug: goodachari-no1
Year: 1983
Category: watch

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    Movie: Gudachari No.1, Cast: Chiranjeevi, Radhika,Raogopalrao, Bhanuchander, Maruthirao Gollapudi,Narayana P.L Director: Kodi RamaChiranjeevi Screenplay: Kodi RamaChiranjeevi Music composed by: K. Chakravarthy Producer: T. Trikrama Rao Songs: Chirru Burru Pistha Bahaar Sachi Naa Kadupuna Siggu O Amma Vangathota Kada Plot: Vijay (Chiranjeevi) is a CBI agent who lives in Delhi. On a special operation, Vijay is sent a place where a gang involves in every illegal activity. His job is to gain proofs against them and bring them to justice. Vijay succeeds in bursting the gang and in the due process, he meets Rekha (Radhika) and falls for her. Vijay manages to liquidate the boss of that gang and returns to Delhi with Rekha as his wife. Watch more movies @