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Kaliyuga Mahabharatam / కలియుగ మహాభారతం

» 1989 » 1979

Year: 1989 | CBFC Rating: u
Original Language: telugu
This movie was watched over more than 13197 times

Title: Kaliyuga Mahabharatham
Name: Kaliyuga Mahabharatam
Slug: kaliyuga-mahabharatam
Year: 1989
Category: watch

  • Watch movie uploaded by RajshriTelugu - Kaliyuga Mahabharatham
    Arjun (Narasimha Raju) and his three brothers are with their uncle.Their parents have died long back.Rani (Madhavi) is in deep love with Arjun.But Chakravarthy (Nutan Prasad) have decided to marry Rani just to take revenge with Arjun.Chakravarthy is trying to create disputes involving all the property matters in family meetings.Whom will Rani marry? How will Arjun overcome Chakravarthy's cowardness? Watch it out in the movie Kaliyuga Mahabharatham.