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Raja Guruvu / రాజ గురువు

» 1954 » 1934

Year: 1934 | CBFC Rating: u
Original Language: telugu
This movie was watched over more than 15164 times

Title: Raja Guruvu
Name: Raja Guruvu
Slug: raja-guruvu
Year: 1934
Category: watch

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    Raja Guruvu is the tale of Mahendrudu, who has been falsely accused and his property had been abducted by Veera Martandudu (S.V.Ranga Rao).Mahendrudu is in urge to take revenge with Veera Martandudu for which he leaves his wife and child (Chandrudu) with his Guru and goes out for war.After many years, Mahendrudu's wife and son comes to settle in Veera Martandudu's palace.There Chandrudu meets Nagavalli who is the daughter of Veera Martandudu.They both fall in love and wants to marry for which Veera Martandudu has agreed but Chandrudu's mother is not agreeing with it because she knows that Veera Martandudu is the reason for their situation.Will Chandrudu and Nagavalli get married.What happens when Veera Martandudu comes to know that Chadrudu is the son of Mahendrudu.