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Yama Kanthri / యమ కంత్రి

Year: 2009 | CBFC Rating: u
Original Language: telugu
This movie was watched over more than 125383 times

Title: Thuppaki Vijay's Yama Kanthri
Name: Yama Kanthri
Slug: yama-kanthri
Year: 2009
Category: watch

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    Inspector Joseph (Manoj K. Jayan) is called in for a secret meeting by a police official. He learns that their long-awaited target Raaka (Adithya) will be arriving secretly in a cargo shipment by sea and that he should be caught at the site. Joseph informs Pugazh (Vijay) through a secret instant message that Raaka will be arriving at the harbour and tells him about their special operation on catching the culprit. Joseph and his team disguise themselves as harbour workers at the harbour and await for Raaka. Then Pugazh carries on with the special operation and succeeds in killing the culprit. Pugazh phones and informs Joseph that their "operation was a success. " Later, Pugazh leaves to a Tehsildar's house in a village for a wedding. He meets Janavi (Nayantara), and tries to woo her. Later on after persistent wooing Janavi falls for Pugazh. On the occasion, Pugazh sends an instant message back to Inspector Joseph, saying that his next mission was complete, which was making Janavi fall in love with him. Joseph tells Pugazh it is now time to target Raaka's superior commander, J. D. (Prakash Raj). Janavi informs her father J. D., a rich businessman in Munich, Germany, of her love with Pugazh. J. D. tells Janavi to bring Pugazh to Munich. Pugazh meets J. D. in Munich and is told that he is not worthy enough to marry his daughter. Pugazh tells J. D. that it was he who killed Raaka. Pugazh is told by Joseph to go to a hotel in Munich. After a conflict in the hotel with the hotel's pimp (Sriman), he is targeted by the pimp and his boss Shaan (Devaraj), who is J. D. 's business partner in crime. They follow Pugazh to the airport where Pugazh goes to pick up his mother (Geetha), who lost her son during his childhood. Shaan then decides not to shoot Pugazh, after seeing that Pugazh's mother is none other than his wife, who left him because of him being a corrupt army cadet and receiving money for helping the enemy terrorists of India. Shaan holds a party for finding his long-lost son, Pugazh. J. D. also comes to know that Pugazh is his partner's own son. Shaan takes Pugazh to his secret locker room and hands him over his secret Blu-ray disc containing all the evidence of J. D. and his plans. Shaan tells Pugazh that he should retrieve the discs that J. D. has hidden in order to take over all his business, once he marries Janavi. Pugazh then takes his father on an airplane and tells him something that shocks him.They then fight and the plane crashes into a cliff, killing Shaan, while Pugazh escapes from the plane with the help of a parachute. The Rest of The Story Follows