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Yamaho Yama In America / యమహో యమ ఇన్ అమెరికా

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Year: 2012 | CBFC Rating: u
Original Language: telugu

Title: Yamaho Yama In America (Telugu) (A)
Name: Yamaho Yama In America
Slug: yamaho-yama-in-america
Year: 2012
Category: review

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    Description: `Yamaho Yamaha` attempts to explain tales of Yama - the lord of death. The film`s leading actors include Srihari, Sanjjana and Parvathi Melton. Jitender Y has directed this film. T Vijay Kumar Goud has produced the film while Mahati has given the film it`s background score. BasicDetails: Release Date :Dec 14, 2012Director :Jitender YGenre :Drama, Fantasy Duration :2 hrs 18 minsLanguage :Telugu Cast & Crew :Srihari, Sai Ram Shankar , Parvati Melton, Ali Rating: 55